About Us

Teraforrm Bioplastic is a pioneer in developing an eco-friendly, natural, renewable alternatives to conventional plastics. We develop sustainable biopolymers from renewable sources to create bio-degradable and compostable plastics that are returned back to nature, preventing landfill and water pollution. We have developed a spectrum of end products for day-to-day applications. Our production range includes mulch films, bags, cutlery, toys, cosmetics, and more. We believe in continuous innovation and technological advancement. Join hands with us for a green tomorrow.

Our Values

We strive to deliver sustainable solutions with biodegradable and compostable bioplastics into our daily lives, helping consumers find an alternative to harmful conventional plastic.


Innovative technology

We continuously work towards enhancing our technological capabilities and offer a range of eco-friendly bioplastic solutions that cater to various industries.


Social responsibility

Our approach involves utilising ethical technologies to create inventive products while making meaningful contributions to addressing environmental issues.


Sustainable solutions

We aim to reduce the carbon footprints by using renewable sources to develop bio-based plastics.


Promoting passionately

Our passion for our goals is evident in our efforts to raise awareness among the public and government officials.

meet our team

Vision, commitment, dedication and, above all, the passion for positively impacting our deteriorating environment is the driving force behind our dynamic path-breaking team.

Arpan Dhanuka

Arpan is a business strategist and bioplastics expert with a passion for sustainability and innovation. Coming from a business family specialising in petrochemicals, his early exposure to business and the relevant industry laid the strong foundation for his future endeavours. He holds a degree in Business from the University of Nottingham, which largely shaped his dream of sustainability and environment consciousness in a fast-changing industry and steered his course towards expertise in bioplastics. Arpan has been evaluating bioplastics upstream raw materials and conducting extensive research on manufacturing processes and end-user applications.

Saurabh Varma

A graduate of IIT Roorkee specialising in pulp & paper engineering and a master’s degree in the USA, Saurabh brings valuable experience and expertise in various industries. He has years of professional experience working with many chemical products, including bioplastics and has dealt with bioplastics in the packaging industry, to be specific. The foundation which guides his passion is an experience which comes from working with many leading companies like BASF, Apcotex Industries, Atul Ltd. and Shriram Rayons, thus gaining expertise in the industry.

Milind Vora

Milind has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Mumbai University and a wealth of experience in business strategising, investment banking and the sustainable businesses of Biopolymers, Biofuels and Green Energy, making him a highly accomplished industry professional. He has worked with top-tier financial institutions like National Commodity & Derivates Exchange, Edelweiss Capital and I.G. Petrochemicals Limited as a business strategist, financial advisor and sustainability advocate. His commitment to environmental change and his strategic thinking and leadership capabilities are invaluable to Teraforrm in driving growth, creating value, and promoting sustainability.