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  • Water-based Coatings

    Water-based Coatings Water-based Coatings Sustainable and environment-friendly paper and paperboard packaging is the need of the hour and there is a growing demand for these products with increasing environmental consciousness among consumers. Barrier coatings that use polyethylene, paraffin-based waxes, silicones, and fluorochemicals are no longer desirable and water-based barrier coatings are the ideal sustainable solution…

  • Compounds

    Compounds Compounds Bioplastics are derived from renewable sources and are environment-friendly replacements for traditional plastics. There are different bioplastic compounds like; Polylactic Acid (PLA) made of corn starch or sugarcane. Starch blend bioplastics are made from renewable sources like corn, tapioca, and potatoes. It is suitable for making rigid packaging like cutlery and food containers.…

  • Customisation

    Customisation Customisation Bioplastic is a popular alternative to traditional plastic. It is sourced from natural, renewable sources like plants and is bio-degradable and compostable. Customisation makes bioplastic a suitable alternative to fossil fuel plastics. Bioplastics are versatile and can be moulded to meet the demands of different applications. The mechanical strength barrier properties and thermal…

  • Applications

    Applications Applications Bioplastics are used in significant applications and varied industries due to their biodegradable and compostable character. Read More

  • Processes

    Processes Processes Different grades of bioplastics are adaptable to different manufacturing processes. The bioplastic compounds are used in combination to make them suitable for manufacturing various applications. Read More